8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Booking Your Office Space

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Whether you are choosing an office space for the first time or expanding to open another branch, selecting an ideal vicinity can prove to be a challenging and stressful task.

For instance, you have to balance off between cost optimisation and the perfect location. You have to assess your current requirements and anticipate future needs as well.

Keep in mind that commercial rental leases tend to be long-term with a duration going from three to five years. Apart from your workforce, you also have to factor in whether the property in question is suitable for your customers, vendors and other partners who venture to your headquarters.

With this in my we had a chat with http://securemoveservices.co.uk/ who have shared some tips on what you should look out for when searching for an office space.

Plan in Advance

Get a head-start on your planning so you are able to enjoy flexibility in time and choose a property that suits your needs.  Trust us, you do not want to be pressurised into choosing the wrong space nor do you want to make a hasty decision. A bit of love, time and planning is required for this.

Geographical Locality

Of course, the monthly or annual rental price will be at the top of your factors list. Ideally speaking, your office should be located centrally with a high number of bus routes facilitating access to it.

When you do find a space that appeals to you, do a walkaround and assess the area. Get to know it a bit and see if there are plenty of parking options available as well. You should ask yourself to the following questions: is the locality feel safe?

Is it a good neighbourhood? Are there other businesses operating out of here? What are the food options? Any supermarkets around? Where is the nearest clinic or hospital? A well-feed staff is a happy and productive one.

Not only that, you want to make sure that the public transportation choices are of reasonable costs.

If you decide to opt for a choice outside the city centre and go for a suburban district, do a cost-benefit numerical analysis to comprehend whether the lower leasing cost justifies the potential rise in conveyance expenses as well as client travel time.

Yes, we do live in a digital age with countless video and audio calling tools available at our fingertips – yet nothing can compensate for a physical face to face presence of an individual.

What would the cost of parking be? Incorporate parking fees for both your clients and employees. Abundance of parking is as important as its cost.

Maybe there is an option for you to reserve a number of spaces or get your staff members parking priority. Perhaps, there are special company rates you can negotiate with your local community centre. Do try to validate your consumer’s parking tickets if possible.

Expansion Possibilities

As stated earlier in this article, it is essential that an office manager must consider the future when booking and researching possible spaces. Potential growth, further hiring of employees and other expansion scenarios must be factored in as well.

However, at the moment, if the parameters of your financial budget do not allow you to stretch to take on additional space, then we recommend you negotiate a short-term lease.

If that is not possible, try to incorporate a clause or condition to your commercial rental contract that will allow you first call on any nearby property space that becomes available.

Nature of Business

Firms functioning across diverse industry verticals will have varying specifications in terms of office space.

For instance, if you are a start-up with a restricted budget and fewer employees, you can consider a shared working space with other businesses in the heart of your city’s business district and utilize is as a networking opportunity as well.

On the other hand, if you need physical storage for goods and services, then you may think about taking on a space outside the city border to benefit from bigger office spaces that would also be within your budget.

Company Image

How have you positioned your company? Do you cater to premium clients or do you have a more homey, friendly brand feel? Remember whatever your choice is, your office branding has to be in sync with your positioning strategy.

In today’s day and age, an office space is much more than a collection of desks, computers and chairs. Employees like to personalise their working spaces with pictures, decorative items and such. It will also indicate towards the performance of your entity.

Security of Lease

Imagine you have settled in well at your new space, it’s decorated, your employees are adapting and simply loving it! A few months later, you are informed by your landlord that you have to leave as your lease allows him to give you a certain notice and he has found another potential occupant who is willing to pay a higher leasing fee.

What is the solution? Put in a condition in your contract to allow you the right to renew or refresh your contract first before it is offered to another entity. You can also attempt to negotiate a rental increment cap (usually not more than five percent) for the next renting season.

Maintenance Costs

All premises require regular maintenance and upkeep. Who will be responsible for this? You or your landlord? Get clarity on this and try to negotiate your leasing contract to be as such that your landlord becomes accountable for all maintenance costs.

If this is not clarified, it could be slapped on you and would drain your office management budget to an extent as maintenance expenses can operate at the higher end of the cost spectrum.


No firm can exist without a strong digital business connection nowadays. Certain requirements have to be fulfilled in order to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Reliable and cost-effective phone lines should exist within the chosen geographical district along with an internet connection. If you believe in fiber internet technology, you may want to check what fiber internet service providers are operational within the area and get in touch with them to get their package details.

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