Implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan

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The Disaster Recovery Plans Value

A Disaster Recovery Plan when in place is the instrument that ensures the company has the tools and knowledge to efficiently and effectively recover from an incident, event or disaster with the minimal amount of downtime as possible!

The Planning and Responsibility of the Disaster Recovery Plan

The responsibility for the planning and implementing of the Disaster Recovery Plan is that of a senior managers function who must have the support and backing of the rest of the management and higher-arci of the company for the plan to succeed.  Once the plan has been approved and tested it must be made clear to the rest of the company’s staff!

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The Disaster Recovery Team

The Disaster Recovery Plan is vast and concerns most of all departments of a company, so a Disaster Recovery Team should be established.  The team members should comprise of a manager or supervise from each department and or various department functions, for instance in IT you may need a person from the Infrastructure Team, another from the backup team, another from the support desk team, etc.

There should be a timeframe in place for the deadline of the plan to be in place.

The plan should be tested, maintained and updated on a regular basis the times of which must be agreed upon by the DR Committee.

DR Team Roles and Responsibilities

The Plan should include the roles and responsibilities of each of the key members of the DR Plan and or the DR Committee.

Although each key member of the team will have a specific function and duty to perform considering a disaster, event or major incident it should be the explicit and documented role of the DR Manager or Co-Ordinator to declare a disaster and the put into the action the Disaster Recovery Plan.
This will require sign off and authority from the governing bodies and heads.

disaster - Implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan

Some of the Procedures to Include:

There must be instructions on who and how to contact key personnel in event of various situations, as well as any suppliers, standby teams and remote teams.

There should be clear and concise instructions on what constitutes a major and or minor disasters with the policies, procedures and various contacts for both scenarios.


A comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan will include the phone number of the Fire Stations, Electricity Boards, The police, Hospital/ambulance services, Disaster Management, Environmental Agencies, etc.

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