Studying the Antarctic Climate Changes to better understand Climate Change

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UK average annual temperature rise is at a record high

The ESRC, the Center for Climate Change Economics and Policy have issued reports that suggest the UK’s annual temperature has risen to record highs outpacing the global rate.  With the many other factors like the rise in sea temperatures and the change in various migration patterns for various creatures, it is only natural that big corporations are starting to fund and oversee various climate change projects.  Such Antarctic expeditions to help scientists and various other interested parties better understand the extreme climate events that have been occurring worldwide!

Big Data Companies such ECM supplying various Antarctic expeditions with technology designed to create “data visualizations”

The Willis Resilience project also served to test a new type of weather station which is lightweight and simple to operate.  It is dropped in place into the snow.  Once settled into position the weather station sends meteorological data every thirty minutes.  This enables scientist access to various data they have never had access to before.  By collecting these samples and some physical samples of the snow in Antarctica at various depth science can analyze the climate change throughout the ages.

antartic - Studying the Antarctic Climate Changes to better understand Climate Change

Early this year scientist drew alarm bells as large sheets of ice in Antarctica collapsed into the sea.  This brought concerns that Antarctica’s ice sheet could be in the early stages of an irreversible meltdown.

Any fast disintegration of Antarctica, could, at worst, have a serious effect on sea levels which would push coastal dwellers in land effectively causing even greater overpopulation in these areas.

Should the greenhouse gas emissions not start going down it is going to seriously affect Antarctica causing it to breakup at a rate that would rapidly cause oceans to rise above six feet.

The effects of both the climate change causing devastating disasters and potentially cutting down habitable land mass along the coastal areas will not only put a social strain on society but an economic one as well.

As business analysts team up with scientists in a race against time as signs how that the West Antarctic ice sheets are becoming unstable, scientific research agencies are joining forces to supply much-needed answers and more accurate data to better understand and start to develop various contingency plans.


As scientists join forces and trek across the ice lands of Antarctica to get answers each and everyone of us should be playing our part to help in the fight against global warming by trying to be a bit greener.