The impact of Visual Communication on a Business!

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The impact of visual communication

Recent research done by Adobe brought to light that posts with images on Facebook got a whopping six-hundred and fifty percent higher hit rate than just plain text ones did.
Gif sites reported that there are approximately one-billion gifs being sent per day.

Visual communication grabs the attention:

The brain can process visuals sixty-thousand times faster than it can text.  It is safe to say then that visual marketing is a way not only get your point or message out there a lot faster, but people also tend to remember visuals a lot more than text.

As there is a heap of information out in the world today readers and potential customers and or followers tend to skim over words or skip articles void of an enticing picture or video altogether.

So, ensuring your content has just the right number of captivating visuals is going to draw their attention and keep it a lot more than text heavy content will.

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Visual communication gets the message across in a clearer more defined way

Reading for pleasure is a way of stepping into your imagination whilst being directed by the author of the book into a world of fantasy.
But when you are reading for something company or business related visualization is a sure way to grab the persons attention and keep whilst they better understand and retain what it is your company is trying to say.

Work collaboration and product training is lot easier for both the instructor and the student
It is easier to understand something you can see the parts and various settings, etc.
It also helps, in some cases, to solve a language communication problem between parties of the company from different areas around the globe.

Bright colors and moving images always make a brand and or logo stick out more.

Putting together a visually stimulating logo combined with the correct voice and pitch makes your companies brand more memorable as people identify the advert to your company.
Using visual communication in a repetitive consistent way regardless of your company’s size or niche in the marketplace is a sure way to get recognition.

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Communicating through visual adverts and or aids has a better chance of people remember it

Scientific researched has proven on numerous occasions that visual aids have a much higher percentage of memory retention than that of just text learning.  In fact, with visual learning, more than fifty percent of the material is remembered as opposed to between fifteen and twenty with purely textual learning.


You do not have to be an artist or graphics designer to get your visual materials and or logos done.  There are graphics programs that can help a person with that.
You can make use of screenshots, there are companies with various graphics you can download such as Pixabay and 123RF.

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