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Natural disasters plaguing the globe

Over the past five years,natural disasters have ploughed through the globe with news of the devastation these tsunami’s, floods, tropical storms and hurricanes have caused to towns, villages and cities throughout the globe.

The impact and cost of these disasters

These disasters have not only pulled at our heartstrings for the losses they have caused people and families but caused major impacts on the economy costing various nations billions of dollars each year in cleanup operations and recovery costs.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina ripped through Mississippi and Louisiana costing the states nearly $150 billion in damages, as the estimated property damage in New Orleans alone was $81 Billion. In 2012 the States were once again hit with tremendous storms and vicious heat waves which cost the country an estimated $139 billion dollars in damage.

The UK was hit with two months of terrible flooding that cost the country three-billion pounds in damage and if the CBI predictions come true within twenty-five years the UK could be looking at costs, due to excessive flooding, anywhere up to ten-billion pounds or more per year.

It looks as if we are set for a few hard knocks from mother nature and as such companies can no longer afford to look the other way when it comes to implementing sound Business Resilience and Disaster Recovery plans.


As the glaciers in Antarctica start to melt rather rapidly we can only pay our respects to people like a young Parker Liautaud who backed by the Willis Group set out on an expedition to the Antarctic to collect some vital data that to help scientists better understand the impacton climate change and break a few world records along the way.