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Mobile Communications Centers

Loading various vehicles with navigation, testing and computer equipment is not a new concept.  For years now, various expedition trucks have been custom built and fitted out with various testing and transmitting equipment for expeditions.  Vehicles such as the “Ice Broker”, a 170bhp Toyota Hilux 6×6 which was custom built and fitted out by Arctic Trucks in Iceland! The truck was kitted out as a communications center for the expedition across the Antarctic to the South Pole.  The truck was kitted out with two iridium pilot systems and remote camera built in to provide all the logistical support, live video streaming of the race and the transmitting of various data for scientific research to various facilities.

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Mobile Business Continuity Solutions

Everyone is familiar with the kitted-out ice-cream truck that plays its jolly music, mobile library units that bring books to the neighborhoods, mobile food trucks and now there are even mobile clothing’s stores, various mobile medical and blood donation labs!

But technology has gone even further with mobile units and some company’s the likes of Cisco, SunGard, IBM and some other large corporates have fitted out large mobile units with wireless connections, servers to match their land-based units, phones and workspaces with client’s pc/laptops.  These Mobile disaster recovery units are all fully equipped and ready to serve the area that goes down within one to two hours of the disaster or depending on the proximity of the office to the mobile unit’s location and the nature of the disaster.

Whilst the idea of having a mobile unit at the ready, and in some cases, is can be, these trucks are not always the best solution.

They have a quite a few limitations in that they are not very cost effective, as the maintenance and staff required to operate and maintain them is quite costly.  If the mobile unit is near the disaster it is very unlikely that the staff are going to want to be anywhere near where the disaster happened.  If the even has been forecasted such as that of severe storm conditions, it is more than likely that the staff have evacuated to a safer location.  So, trying to predict where to have the mobile unit to get the most from its recourses is a job on its own.

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As the outlay for these units is costly and most companies would hire the truck as and when needed there is still the issue of having to rebuild your servers and getting all the necessary data on to them.  This alone is time-consuming and can be costly to the organization in the downtime.


As a first responder in a disaster whereby there are no earthquake aftershocks or chemical spills, etc.  and the truck is quite safe at the office location a truck can be a valuable resource as a temporary first responder.  But the best solutions and most cost-effective for complete and robust business continuity and disaster recovery are the cloud-based solutions on offer these days.

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