A World Record was set by a 19-year-old Climate Change advocate

Blog2 840x410 - A World Record was set by a 19-year-old Climate Change advocate

The fastest walk to the South Pole in History

Nineteen-year-old Parker Liautaud led the fastest expedition to the South Pole ever.  He and his team beat the record of twenty-four days by six days!

That is not the only record he broke on his trek to the South Pole

Parker Liautaud with this team backed by the Willis Group broke the record for the fastest trip from the Antarctic shores to the South Pole.  Skiing across the three-hundred and forty-nine-mile trek pulling a sleigh with various items and equipment weighing eighty-two kilograms, in eighteen days.  Smashing the record held by the Norwegian Christian Eide by six whole days.

But Parker was not only the fastest person to reach the South Pole he now also holds the record for being the youngest man to do so!  Beaten only by a teenage girl of sixteen, Amelia Hempleman-Adams in 2011 who accompanied her father, adventurer David Hempleman-Adams on an expedition to the South Pole!

pak2 - A World Record was set by a 19-year-old Climate Change advocate

On his journey in one of the most extreme climates on earth, new lightweight weather stations had to be deployed that measure and then transmit essential climate data back to scientists.  The process of deployment and collection of snow samples that had to be done along the testing route could take anywhere from two to three hours and had to be done with extreme care.
One purpose of these weather stations is to study the rate of Tritium which is a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen is released across the Antarctic.


This expedition was a very valuable one with the data which was captured from it helping scientist to better understand the effects and causes of climate change.  As the expedition served three different scientific studies, mainly to better understand the worldwide water cycle!
The Willis Research Network, now one of the largest partnerships between the business sector and science sector has in recent years increased the awareness for companies who have now found that approximately eighty-three percent of businesses are starting to identify the need for some form of business resilience and risk policy.

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