The Importance of Executive Protection Services In The Tech Industry

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The tech industry might seem pretty calm and relaxed from the outside and it certainly has a reputation for being a little more laidback just look at Google’s HQ! But just because things seem a little less serious that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for executive protection services.

In fact, executive protection services are in high-demand when it comes to the tech industry, you might not really notice it but if you ever see footage of tech leaders like Mark Zuckerberg out in public he will usually be flanked by bodyguards.

These bodyguards will be part of a professional executive protection services team and be responsible for ensuring the safety of important business leaders. Sticking with Facebook for a moment do you know how much it costs the business to protect their founder and leader?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the news lately you might have already seen a report about it but if you haven’t then I’ll answer the question for you. In 2017 alone, it was reported that Facebook spent $7.3 million dollars on personal security for Mark Zuckerberg, a 50% increase on the amount spent in 2016.

Robert Frank, writing for CNBC estimated the cost at around $20,000 dollars a day which goes to show how important keeping their leader and founder safe is. While available data shows Facebook spend the most when it comes to executive protection services many other leading tech figures also have large budgets when it comes to their protection.

Amazon reportedly spent $1.6 million on executive protection services for Jeff Bezos in 2016 while Apple spent $224,000 on protection services for Tim Cook. These might seem relatively small when compared to the amount spent on Mark Zuckerberg, but while the amounts are smaller they still show that tech companies are willing to spend a lot when it comes to protection services.

After all, can anyone really argue that even the smallest of the three figures is not a lot of money? You also have to take into the account the amount of traveling Mark Zuckerberg did in the last year compared to the other tech leaders. Travel protection is what usually increases the price of executive protection services.

But whether it’s a million dollars or ten thousand many tech companies will be willing to pay to protect their leaders and other key figures. Executive protection services are also rarely focused on a single person they can be used to ensure the protection of larger groups like a group of board members or a tech leader and their family.

You might be reading this and thinking well that’s all well and good but what does any of it mean for me and my business? You might be the leader of a smaller business or in the process of setting one up and thinking I don’t need that level of protection, it’s way too over the top.

That’s understandable and you might even be right in your assumption at least right now but what about in the future? You might also be underestimating just how valuable you actually are, even in the early days of your business, you could need the high level of protection on offer from professional executive protection service providers. Let’s look at the benefits in more detail, shall we?

Why You Need Executive Protection Services

Many people reading this might be in the early stages of setting up their business, or you might even have it set-up and could be doing business right now. You probably fit somewhere into the rather wide category encompassed by SME’s don’t you? But while every SME is different I’ am willing to bet many don’t have executive protection services.

Many small to medium-sized business leaders probably don’t see the point or can’t justify the expense. But remember you can get professional protection services on a smaller budget you don’t have to spend millions like Facebook did, many service providers know that level of expense is an exception and not a common occurrence.

But even when you know you can afford it many SME tech business leaders will still think the money could be better spent elsewhere or think they won’t need the level of protection an executive protection service provider could offer. There’s a variety of reasons why they could believe this but some of it does go back to what I said at the beginning of this piece.

Many people hold a very common misconception when it comes to the tech industry, they see it as being more playful and relaxed unlike other big industries like finance or the media. But the tech industry is arguably the most important business industry around today and it is heavily connected to almost every other industry.

It might all seem like fun and games but many of the leading businesses today need the protection provided by executive protection services. And it’s not just the tech leaders who need high levels of protection but their families as well and you might be a smaller tech business owner, but you could still need a high level of protection.

Think about it like this every big tech business you see today started out as a small business somewhere. Some leading tech companies expanded an insane amount in just a few months so don’t think just because you’re a small business now that you’ll stay that way.

And even if you are a small business that doesn’t mean you won’t be a target! Yes, it’s not as common but small tech business leaders have found themselves targets of a variety of crimes because of the ideas they have. So, every tech business leader out there big or small should think about hiring executive protection services from a professional provider.

That way you can ensure you, your employees and even your family are always protected and remember despite what you might have heard you can still get high-quality protection on a smaller budget.


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